Staleks – Manicure pusher with silicone handle “Gummy” UNIQ 10 TYPE 2

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    Staleks – (narrow rounded pusher + slanted pusher)


    • Pushers for manicure and pedicure GUMMY of the new unique series UNIQ offer convenience and precision in one execution.
    • The main feature of GUMMY pushers is a silicone handle, which provides a reliable grip of the tool that allows the technician to work more efficiently and without fatigue.
    • The presence of a hypoallergenic silicone handle and a metal working part makes this pusher a perfect combination of comfort and functionality.
    • Professional manual sharpening of working parts guarantees precise and professional work.
    • The working part, “slanted pusher,” is used to lift and push back a rough and strongly stuck cuticle, clean the free edge of the nail, remove gel polish streaks.
    • Shape “metal orange stick.”
    • The working part, “narrow rounded pusher ” is designed to lift and push back the cuticle; it is convenient to work with a narrow and medium nail plate.
    • Professional manual sharpening guarantees precise and accurate work.
    • High-alloy stainless steel ensures long service life and corrosion resistance.
    • Steel working parts and silicone are resistant to sterilization in a dry-heat oven and autoclave without loss of quality.
    • Can be subject to disinfection with special agents.
    • Recommended for manicure and pedicure
    Staleks – Manicure pusher with silicone handle “Gummy” UNIQ 10 TYPE 2

    6.73 inc. VAT

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