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Our advanced courses are aimed for candidates who are already qualified within the nail industry. 

The main aim of the advanced courses is to enable the candidates to specialise in a single technique whether it is a technical skill or a nailart skill.

Most of our advanced courses consist of a 1 day workshop

Our Advanced Courses

Acrylic System Course with advanced techniques
Course designed for beginners and for Nail Technicians that would like to achieve advanced level. Course includes: Acrylic nail extensions, infill, natural overlays, Perfect French Tip and Nail Art. During this course candidates will acquire essential practical and theory knowledge for successful performance as a Nail Technician.
Duration: approx 23 hrs
*Kit Price: €70
Russian style manicure & Gel Polish Master
A course that is designed to help you learn the correct techniques for a dry manicure. Russian manicure uses E-File bits to provide a clean and tidy cuticle area, whilst also refining the surrounding areas of skin.
Duration: approx 8 hrs
*Kit included
Use of E-file in nail technology
It will help improve your filing techniques, minimize strain in the arms, hands and shoulders, it can reduce your filing time and makes it easier to produce and maintain the perfect nail extensions.
Duration: approx 8 hrs
*Kit included (excluding nail drill which will be available at a discount to students during the course)
Gel on forms (Perfect almond)
Perfect Almond course is prepared for qualified nail techs that would like to learn or advance their skills and knowledge in professional way of working with forms and be able to create amazing nails that are thin , durable and long lasting. During the course you will learn: ***** Practical part: - Perfect natural nail preparation forform fitting - 3 different natural nail shapes and form preparation for such shapes (nail grown down, straight, and up) - how to apply forms for almond nails for different natural nail shapes - Form pre-cutting - pinching technique - creating tunnel on form - Perfect Colour Application - Light Line – Flawless Finish
Duration: approx 8 hrs
*Kit included
Perfect gel application and fast shaping
A training designed for qualified nail techs that want to: - Refresh their skills - Improve their skills in specific areas of working with gel - Refine their skills and knowledge - Get up to date when returning to nail industry
Duration: approx 8 hrs
*Kit included
AcrylGel Application
Acryl-Gel flawless application: this course is prepared for qualified nail techs that would like to learn or improve their skills and knowledge in working with acryl-gel. During the course you will learn: *** Practical part: - natural nail preparation for Acryl-Gel application - working out Acryl-Gel bead exercises - full set application on forms/tips - flawless application technique to minimize filing - infill Acryl-Gel application - removal of Acryl-Gel - nail repair using Acryl-Gel *** Theoretical Part: - Nail Structure revision - What is Acryl-Gel - Types of supporting products for long lasting effect - Most common mistakes and how to avoid them - How Acryl-Gel can reduce treatment time - Contraindication and hygiene •AcrylGel brush included • All Products to work with will be provided during the course
Duration: approx 8 hrs
*Kit included
Salon Pedicure
Salon Pedicure course is specially developed for the beginner and experienced nail stylist who wants to offer pedicures as a new treatment on their menu. The course covers the basic knowledge and skills required to perform a salon pedicure, including hard skin removal, nail shaping, cuticle care, exfoliation, massage, home care advise and gel polish application. Additionally, the course covers pricing of treatments and marketing techniques. By completing this course, you will be able to offer a high-quality salon pedicure service to your clients, making your business stand out from the competition.
Duration: approx 20 hrs
*Kit excluded - €100 student price
Foot Disorders Salon Treatment
Course dedicated for qualified therapists who provide pedicure/feet treatments and would like to enhance their knowledge in most common feet/toe nail disorders, their types, categories and natural ways of treatment in order to heal the affected areas and prevent infections. The course programme include: - Most common disorders and their types, focusing on: Athlete’s foot, Onychomycosis and Greenie nail - How to recognise conditions: disorders vs similar conditions - Causes of foot/toe nail infections and how to prevent them - Symptoms of foot/toe nail infections - How to naturally treat Athlete’s foot, Onychomycosis and Greenie nail - Diabetic clients - best practices - Professional natural treatment protocol when encountering foot/toe nail disorders - Home care treatment advise - Client follow up and preventive maintenance Certificate will be provided to each participant upon completion of the course
Duration: approx 4 hrs
*Kit excluded but optional during the course


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