PLATINUM Thixo+ Builder Gel

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    PLATINUM Thixo+ – is a new generation UV/LED Builder Gel that makes application a pleasure. Mousse consistency that is self-levelling but not runny. High thixotropy allows the gel to liquefy during application but once the gel is not manipulated it will thicken again which increases work comfort and minimizes flooding of the skin.
    • Highly durable and resistant to mechanical damage.
    • Mousse consistency that is self-levelling but not runny
    • It will harden and strengthen even the weakest nail plate
    • Suitable for salon nails as well as for extreme shapes and lengths
    • Crystal clear
    • Thanks to the easy shape formula, it speeds up the work
    • Low exothermic reaction
    • High thixotropy
    • Designed for working with tips and forms as well as natural nail overlay without extension
    • Easy to apply and control due to medium-high thixotropic properties
    • Available in 2 sizes: 15g and 50g
    • Curing time: cure 90sec in 24-48W LED lamp or 180sec in 36W UV lamp.
    • For best results apply Bonder Max to increase bonding.
    PLATINUM Thixo+ Builder Gel
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