Feetcalm SOS Nail Repair Spray for Skin and Nails prone to fungus

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    75ml – 110 uses

    125ml – 180 uses

    Treatment that protects, regenerates, and strengthens rough, cracked, and discoloured nails. Its synergy of ingredients helps restore brittle nails and accelerates the healing process, ensuring strong and shiny nails.

    INDICATED FOR SKIN AND NAILS prone to fungi with itching, burning, and redness, as well as cracking and scaling of the skin caused by fungal infections. In cases of recurrent fungi, use as maintenance.

    HOW TO USE AT HOME: Apply twice a day for 4 weeks on and under clean and dry nails, as well as on the surrounding skin. Then apply 1 time a day as maintenance. For best results, file the nail beforehand. Combine with Ultra Repair ampoules for greater effectiveness. Find ampoules here – ULTRA REPAIR AMPOULES


    • Sanitize the foot: apply dry Hydrating Bath Mousse and remove with a disposable towel.

    • Apply Spray or Deodorant Powder to footwear.

    • Gently file the affected nail or nails.

    • Apply the Ultra Repair ampoule with 30% urea on the nails and skin and let it penetrate for 2 minutes.

    • Apply SOS Nail Repair Spray over, around, and under the affected nail or nails from a distance of 2.5cm and let it absorb for 2 minutes.

    • Finish by applying SOS Repair Mousse all over the foot, especially between the toes and the contour of the nails.

    75ml / 125ml

    Feetcalm SOS Nail Repair Spray for Skin and Nails prone to fungus
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