Acryl Gel Clear 15ml

    9.44 inc. VAT

    B-PRO Systems Acryl Gel Clear 15ml

    B-PRO Systems Acryl Gel designed to strengthen and extend the natural nail providing acrylic strength and gel flexibility. HEMA/di-HEMA free formula.


    – High Viscosity

    – Harder than Gel and more flexible than acrylic

    – Excellent durability

    – Odourless

    – Easy to apply and work with

    – Non yellowing

    – Ideal to work on forms, tips, dual forms

    – Great performance on short and extreme length nails

    – Available in 4 types: Cover Nude, Cover Pink, French Pink, Clear

    – Available in 2 sizes: 50 ml and 15 ml

    – Cures in UV/LED 120/90sec


    Acryl Gel Clear 15ml

    9.44 inc. VAT

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