Bonder Max UV Glue 15ml

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    Bonder Max by B-PRO systems is a unique and specialised formula base gel that greatly enhances the bonding of Gel/Acryl Gel/Soak off Base with natural nail plate. The combination of key components characterised by superb cohesion and adhesion properties, meaning it offers excellent adhesion to the natural nail and its tacky layer improves the interlayer adhesion with the product applied after, such as builder gels, soak off bases or acryl gel.
    – Unbeatable adhesions to the natural nail plate
    – Superb interlayer adhesion
    – Suitable for all B-PRO Systems UV curable products (builder gels, soak off bases, acryl gels)

    How to use:
    Prepare nail plate as usual
    Dehydrate and cleanse the nail using B-PRO Systems Cleaner
    Apply B-PRO Systems non Acid primer
    Apply tiny drop of Bonder Max to the nail and using clean gel brush, rub it into the nail and cure
    Do not wipe and proceed with your usual application of B-PRO UV curable product of your choice.

    Curing: 2min under standard UV Lamp 36watss; 60 sec in UV/LED 36watts

    Bonder Max UV Glue 15ml
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