Corn Remover with 10 blades

    11.84 inc. VAT

    For removal of dead dry skin only to clean your corn cutter, remove the blade and rinse off the holder under warm, running water. Hold the corn plane against the corn or callous so the blade is in contact with the hardened skin. Carefully pare down the hard skin using slow light strokes to remove fine layers of dead tissue. Take care not to remove soft skin. After use, secure blade cover for storage.

    To change blades:

    • Grip the side of the slider firmly with your thumb and your forefinger
    • Pull down towards handle to release and remove old blade
    • Insert new blade on the slider
    • Grip the sides of the slider firmly with two fingers. Insert the Slide-Way on the handle through the metal tab and push the tab up with your thumb
    • After use, secure blade cover for storage


    • Stainless steel head with plastic handle
    • Ideal for pedicure and foot treatment
    • Great for removing hard skin, cuticle, corn, cutting callous
    • Helps prevent buildup of hard skin dead skin and hard skin
    • The blade can be easily removed for cleaning
    • The length of callus remover: approximately 15cm
    • Suitable for both professional use and personal use
    • Perfect to be used by the professionals, chiropodists as well as by individuals
    • Suitable For All Foot Skins and Easily Washable
    • Apart from beauty professionals, it’s a must have for every home
    • A Pack of 10 brand new disposable blades are included
    • Caution: Keep out of reach of children
    • Color: White
    • Length: 14.5cm

    Package includes:

    • Corn cuticle remover shaver with blade
    • Pack of 10pcs replacement blades
    Corn Remover with 10 blades

    11.84 inc. VAT