Professional Nail Form Scissors – Bionessa

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    Nail Form Scissors by BIONESSA (B.42), also known as Nail Forms Fitter, is a product that allows you to cut perfectly and fit the nail form to the natural nail. A correctly cut nail form is the key to get the perfect structure of the nail extension. Thanks to hand-sharpened edges, the scissors are extremely sharp from the first use and can handle any type of nail form, even the plastic one. The elongated tweezers handle gives you full control while cutting. Non-slip handles guarantee a firm grip and perfect adherence to the hand.


    Nail Forms Fitter is a multi-purpose product! In addition to the fact that it is the best product for the preparation of nail forms, it is also perfect for styling eyelashes and eyebrows. The tweezer handle provides full comfort and a quick grip of the scissors while styling and shaping the eyebrows. Perfect for trimming unruly and too long hair, giving the desired effect of perfectly adjusted eyebrows.


    The highest-quality materials used in the creation process guarantee above-average durability and resistance to oxidation processes. The polished finish gives the scissors a professional and elegant look



    – cutting edge length 21 mm (+/- 0.5 mm),

    – scissors length 120 mm (+/- 1 mm),

    – multi-purpose product,

    – Slanted Blades,

    – hand-sharpened edges,

    – handle in the form of tweezers,

    – non-slip grooves on the handles,

    – Polished bionessa finish,

    – made of surgical steel,

    –  product intended for disinfection and sterilization in an autoclave.

    Professional Nail Form Scissors – Bionessa

    14.59 inc. VAT

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